xTasyTrader Basic Edition


This version contains all 33 free features of xTasyTrader!

Just download and get started with a few clicks!



This version contains all free-features:

  1. General Settings
  2. Language Selection
  3. Online Education
  4. Package Editor
  5. Package Import
  6. Single Workspace
  7. Style and Skins
  8. System Information
  9. Standard Accessories
  10. TradersYard Integration
  11. ActionBar Standard
  12. Basic Charting Features
  13. Chart Trading
  14. ChartContainer Standard
  15. ChartGroup Standard
  16. Drawing Objects Standard
  17. Indicators Standard
  18. Mouse Pointer Standard
  19. Price Styles Standard
  20. TimeFrames Standard
  21. Scanner Standard
  22. Watchlist
  23. Flatten All
  24. Trading Information
  25. Strategy Manager
  26. xTasyScripting
  27. CapTrader Connector
  28. FxFlat Connector
  29. FxFlat Pro Connector
  30. Simulation Account Connector
  31. TaiPan Connector
  32. XTB Germany Connector
  33. xTick FREE Connector


Rental products are automatically extended by the rental period!

With the offer “Rent instead of buying”, you can use our features as long as you like. This increases liquidity and also creates flexibility. Of course, this comes with the full extent of function and authorization for all future software updates.


The lease is automatically extended by the respective time period unless an email is sent to and received by [email protected] within 7 days, or the rent is canceled via the user area in the shop itself.

Rental upgrades:

For an upgrade to a higher version, the existing rental product must be cancelled and you must make a new subscription to the next higher version. Please send us an email to [email protected], and you will receive access for carrying out the upgrade. After completing the payment, you will receive a new license key.