Darvas Advanced AddOn

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ADVANCED tools to realize Nicolas Darvas’ famous trading style.

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The Darvas Professional Add-On provides you with optimal support when trading the famous Darvas strategy.

From the fully-automated filtering of the instruments according to Darvas’ criteria, all the way to the signal search in the highly potential instruments, everything is integrated and prepared for you in the workspace.


  • Indikators:
    • DarvasPro
    • MoveSinceLastHighLow
  • ScriptedConditions:
    • DarvasBreakout
    • PotentialDarvasBreakout
  • Conditions:
    • 10 Filterconditions for fully-automatized instrument-sorting
  • Stops:
    • DarvasStop
    • DarvasGhostStop
    • DarvasInitialStop
  • Workspace:
    • DarvasProfessionalWorkspace
    • Predefined Watchlist for fully-automatized screening of the world-markets
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