Drawing Object Advanced

$2,00 on the 5th of each month

Get access to all drawing objects.

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First payment prorated. Next payment: August 5, 2021

Sold By: xTasyTrader Inc.


Get access to advanced drawing-objects:

  • Trendline Advanced
  • Fibonacci Projections
  • Fibonacci Arc
  • Fibonacci Fans
  • Fibonacci Time zones
  • SpeedLine
  • GannFan
  • PitchFork
  • Trend Channel
  • Chart Ruler
  • Raff Regression

With the built-in magnetizer-functionality the anchor lines of a drawing are magnetized to candle OHLC points.

In addition, you can store your Drawing-Objects as Templates for easy re-use.

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DrawingTemplates, ChartAndrewsPitchfork-d, ChartArc-d, ChartArrowDown-d, ChartArrowLeft-d, ChartArrowLine-d, ChartArrowRight-d, ChartArrowUp-d, ChartDiamond-d, ChartDot-d, ChartElliottWave-d, ChartEllipse-d, ChartErrorChannel-d, ChartFibonacciArcs-d, ChartFibonacciFan-d, ChartFibonacciProjections-d, ChartFibonacciRetracements-d, ChartFibonacciTimeZones-d, ChartFreeHand-d, ChartGannFan-d, ChartHorizontalLine-d, ChartLabel-d, ChartMirrorTrendLine-d, ChartMirrorTrendLineProjection-d, ChartQuadrantLines-d, ChartRaffRegression-d, ChartRay-d, ChartRectangle-d, ChartRuler-d, ChartSpeedLines-d, ChartSquare-d, ChartTironeLevels-d, ChartTrendChannel-d, ChartTrendLine-d, ChartTriangle-d, ChartVerticalLine-d