Dynamic Scanner

9$ monthly

Collects all available signals that are active in one of your opened charts/chart groups

First payment prorated. Next payment: February 5, 2021

Sold By: xTasyTrader Inc.
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As of now, the only tab in xTasyTrader on which you should focus is the dynamic scanner. You no longer need to switch between individual tabs and check whether you are receiving signals; every signal that is generated in one of your charts/chart groups is displayed in the dynamic scanner immediately and fully automatically – you can place the orders for all active signals more conveniently than ever before.

Let the dynamic scanner relieve you of a further work step, enabling you to concentrate 100% on the direct trading decision of whether to place a suggested order in the market or not – this is semi-automated trading to perfection!

  • Semi-automated trading perfected – manage all your trade entries from one single tab
  • Automatic display of all your signals that are generated in a chart/chart group in the respective workspace
  • Select the Analyzer Sessions from which the signals should be displayed
  • Intuitive marking of which symbols are newly added to the dynamic signal list by the algorithm
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