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6 highly effective entry signals + advanced supportive tools for the LocationPoint® trading style.

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Location Point ® trading: concealed behind this concept are years of experience with the insight of how markets verifiably behave in a recurrent manner at very obvious markers in the chart.

It is a highly efficient trading style with a crystal-clear set of rules that allow very little scope for interpretation, thereby encouraging the trader to stick to this set of rules.
On the one hand, Location Point trading is a very aggressive trading style that aims to always enter the market as tightly as possible.
On the other hand, despite this aggressiveness, it is a way of trading that does not incur much risk.

Due to the fact that only reversals are traded, the system allows you to:

  • determine extremely quickly whether you are in a correct or incorrect position.
  • render the trade risk-free very quickly.

The trading style covers all well-known market phases and delivers very tight reversal entries in:

  • Trend-following, fast movements – Red/Green WipeOut
  • Correction of fast trends/movements – EightTrain
  • Correction of slower trends – TwentyTrain
  • More extensive correction of trends – StairWay
  • Early signals from breakouts from sideways phases – Trampoline
  • CounterTrendReversal signals – Yoyo

The signals from these phases have clear entry scenarios, stop and target logics assigned to them.
The system shows you the signal, with which in most cases you already have a clear image of how to manage this trade even before you have entered into the trade.
Due to the frequency of signals, this gives you a unique opportunity to diversify your trading so that you can lower trade risks even more while also increasing trade efficiency at the same time.

Where many other trading styles fail or leave off, Location Point ® trading is just getting started.

  • Just like on a map, you can see where you are located in the market.
  • You automate your trading processes
  • Receive signals right at the point at which markets obviously turn again and again, and the associated replicable stop-target setups
  • In this way, you also receive the tight but low-risk entries.
  • You have the possibility to realize high profits – with regard to risk – using short movements

Using Location Point ® trading, you will manage – if you are not already there – to get close to institutional trading.
Based on these facts, this term has even been made into a brand name.

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