Seasonality Advanced AddOn

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Analyze seasonal patterns in INTRADAY & EoD timeframe and ALL asset classes

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Use the Seasonality Adnvanced AddOn to analyze the seasonal patterns of timeframe any and all asset classes – the seasonality can be calculated for each financial instrument that is available in xTasyTrader.

The seasonality indicator calculates the seasonality in all EndOfDay timeframes (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly chart) as well as many intraday-charts (1-6 Minutes, 10Minutes, 12Minutes, 15Minutes, 30Minutes, 1Hour) using the entire history available in the chart. In addition, using the SeasonalityPredictor, you can have the seasonal pattern projected into the future and view it directly in the chart, so as to see at a glance where the value is most likely to move from a statistical point of view.

The InstrumentStrength indicator is an additional helpful tool that provides you with the possibility to compare the performance of up to 30 instruments with each other in order to efficiently search for over- and underperformers and find optimum candidates for seasonality trades.

The InstrumentDayAnalyzer can tell you, which day of the week is the statistically best for buying/selling a specific financial instrument.

Eventually, you can use the HoldNDays indicator to predict the performances which can be expected for a specific number of days in the future, based on the seasonality.

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