VisualStudio Integration

$2,00 on the 5th of each month

Connect your xTasyTrader with Microsoft VisualStudio and develop your xT scripts directly inside VisualStudio

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First payment prorated. Next payment: August 5, 2021

Sold By: xTasyTrader Inc.


xTasyTrader used the .NET Framework 4.6. In addition please use Visual Studio version 2017 or newer. Microsoft offers a free version called Visual Studio Community Edition, which is pretty good to develop xTasyScript code.

This editor is a useful tool when it comes to quickly changing a couple of lines of code, or if you just want to look at an xTasyScript. For all other applications, it is essential that you use Microsoft’s development environment Visual Studio. It offers a comprehensive solution that has proven itself time and again for almost all areas of software development, including of course for xTasyScript as well as for C#.

The most important advantages are:

  • Debugging

  • Code Completion

  • Syntax checking

Read VisualStudio Integration Documentation


Read Script-Documentation

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