Volume Advanced AddOn

19$ monthly

3 VolumeProfile versions and 10 additional volume-based indicators + volume signals.

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First payment prorated. Next payment: July 5, 2021

Sold By: xTasyTrader Inc.


With the VolumeAddOn for xTasyTrader, you can get the absolute maximum out of the volume information for each security. Along with twelve advanced indicators with widely varied functionalities, our development team has also developed eight conditions with volume signals.

Our specialists have also set up a separate workspace in order to create a particularly effective way of analyzing and working with the components of the volume package.

The following indicators are included in the package:

  • VolumeSessionPro
  • VolumeArea
  • KlingerVolumeOscillator
  • WyckoffWave
  • VolumeKeltnerChannel
  • VolumeUDR
  • VolumeTickSpeed
  • VolumeZoneOscillator
  • VolumeRiseFall
  • VolumeGraph
  • VolumeSentimentLong
  • VolumeSentimentShort
  • Volume specific Scanner / Signals
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